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Everything You Should Know About Team Truck Driving

January 02, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of Big Rig Banter in 2019! In this episode, Troy reveals a big announcement, and Lenay and Troy debate whether or not they’d make a good driving team together. Later in the episode, Lenay chats with a mother, daughter duo about their experience team truck driving. Dorwenda and Sanaye are team truck drivers for Werner Enterprises, and they’ve been driving together for about three years. They go over the main qualities you should look for in a driving partner, such as great communication skills, patience, similar hygiene habits, and schedules that align. They also explain how team truck driving pay works and some important things to consider before you hit the road with a partner.

List of Interviewees:

Dorwenda and Sanaye; Werner Enterprises:

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