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February 06, 2019

Description: Well truckers, it’s just over a month into the new year. Are you struggling to maintain your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, be sure to tune into this episode of Bi gRig Banter. With interviews from Hope at Mother Trucker Yoga and Andrea from Healthy Trucker, this episode covers everything trucker fitness. Hope and Lenay chat about ways you can work out in your cab and how you can incorporate more activity into your daily routine. Troy and Andrea talk about how eating in moderation is key, and how to adjust your diet. Drinking enough water, eating healthy, and getting enough exercise is tough for everyone. Yet, when you’re in the cab of a truck for days upon days, it’s even more challenging. Tune into some trucker fitness tips from BigRigBanter!

List of Interviewees:

Hope Zvar, Mother Trucker Yoga

Andrea Morley, 

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