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Trucking Trends For 2019 – BigRigBanter Ep. 22

December 05, 2018

There are five trucking trends of 2019 that truck drivers should keep an eye on in the new year. BigRigBanter co-hosts, Troy and Lenay, interviewed several industry experts about what they thought the top trucking trends f 2019 were. We then narrowed their ideas down to our five favorites. The first trend to keep an eye on is a court case involving a driver and a trucking company. The second and third trends are technology related – autonomous trucks and ELDs and how they’ll transform the industry. The fourth thing to watch out for is a fluctuating economy, and the fifth and final trend is a potential increase in work-life balance for truck drivers. Give this episode a listen to learn more!

List of Interviewees:

1. Jennifer Bennett; attorney for Public Justice https://www.publicjustice.net/

2. Ben Schill; vice president of Paper Transport https://www.papertransport.com/

3. Dean Croke; chief insights officer at Freightwaves.com https://www.freightwaves.com/

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